Be part of it

We’d also love to hear from anyone who wants to be an active part of the mix – we’ve got stall/display space, workshop and activity slots, music slots, so whatever you love doing or are involved with, it’s part of what makes bs3 great and we want you involved.

So Iif you run a local business without premises, if you’re involved in a project or group that you want to let people know about, if you have a great idea for a workshop you could do with a bunch of strangers/neighbours on a (sunny, of course) Saturday afternoon…

In short, if there’s something you want to shout about, show people, or do with a bunch of new friends in front of a bunch of other bs3ers in the middle of North Street on a Saturday afternoon – so long as it’s family-friendly – now’s your chance, so get in touch.

Email Chris at chrisrichards999 @ , tell us who you are and what you’re able to contribute. Or give him a ring on 07816457650.


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